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What is MATcelerate ZERO?

A partnership between leading materials research universities and companies
Backed by the Henry Royce Institute – the UK’s National Institute for Advanced Materials
Focused on development and use of new materials to achieve carbon net-zero and enable the energy transition
A vehicle to help enable industry to address the market for climate solutions valued at >$100B in Europe, doubling annually since 2020*

We need to accomplish something gigantic we have never done before, much faster than we have ever done anything similar. To do it, we need lots of breakthroughs in science and engineering.”

Bill Gates – How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

Decarbonisation Requires Materials Innovation

Universities Have The Research

Energy generation & storage materials
– Nano composites
– Lithium sulphur
– Niobium tungsten oxide

Materials for ammonia & hydrogen production
– Catalysts
– Fuel cells
– Membranes
– Solid-state electrolytes

2D materials for next generation electronic devices
– Hexagonal boron nitride
– Molybdenum disulphide
– Graphene

Low-embodied-carbon construction materials
– Green cement
– Biomimetic materials

Bio-based carbon fibres
– Graphene
– Cellulose
– Lignin

Carbon capture technologies
– Chemical looping
– Biomass fuels
– Metal-organic frameworks

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Our Approach

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*Dealroom Talis Climate Tech Europe 2022 report — figures based on European climate tech startups enterprise valuation